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Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific points along the meridians of the body. It has been found to promote natural healing through the release of endorphins for pain management, increased blood circulation, and general physiological balance. A number of sensations may be felt during an acupuncture treatment such as a dull ache, tingling, movement, or itchiness. This is generally an indication that the acupuncture is working; however, at any point a needle can be adjusted or removed depending on an individual’s comfort level. In general, most people find treatment relaxing and restorative.

What does acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture can positively affect a wide variety of conditions and symptoms as follows, although not all-inclusive.

Acute and chronic pain

Addiction recovery

Anxiety, depression, PTSD

Arthritis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis

Asthma and allergies

Bell’s palsy

Common cold, sore throat

Digestive problems (i.e., gas, bloating, reflux, constipation, diarrhea)

Ear and eye problems


Fibromyalgia, other autoimmune diseases

Immune system support

Infertility and In-vitro Fertilization


Menstrual and menopausal issues

Nausea, morning sickness

Numbness and tingling

Postpartum depression

Rhinitis, sinusitis

Skin disorders

Stress management

Stroke rehabilitation


Urinary problems

For complex medical conditions, such as cancer or progressive neurological disorders, acupuncture is often supportive and provided as an adjunct to other medical treatments.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic medical practice that has existed for more than 3,000 years. It is utilized by nearly one-third of the world’s population as a primary health care system or adjunctive therapy. TCM includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition/lifestyle counseling, Tuina massage, cupping, guasha, moxibustion, and Qigong. At the heart of Chinese medicine is the principle of treating the person as an integrated whole in body, mind and spirit. The goal is to return the body to a balanced state by addressing the root cause of illness and dis-ease, not just the symptoms.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is defined as instrument-assisted unidirectional press-stroking of a lubricated area of the body surface to intentionally create transitory therapeutic petechiae called ‘sha’ representing extravasation of blood in the hypodermis. Gua Sha is an important hands-on medical treatment that has been used throughout Asia for centuries. The benefits of Gua Sha are numerous and include reduced spasms and pain, stimulation of the immune system and enhanced microcirculation. Gua Sha upregulates heme-oxygenase-1 (HO-1), that acts to reduce internal organ inflammation, for example, in cases of asthma, hepatitis and liver disease. For more information, visit or view the Gua Sha Handout below.

  • Gua Sha and Cupping Handout


Cupping is an ancient method of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has been used for centuries. There are both stationary and moving cupping techniques. In stationary cupping the cups are placed and left in one location. Moving cupping involves the placement of oil or salve and the cups are moved in a slow motion over large areas like the back. To produce heat, a cotton swab is placed in the cup and then quickly removed and placed on the body in order to create suction. The suction will draw in the skin and create an area where the blood moves to the surface of the skin, causing a red mark. The colors of the mark vary from pale red all the way to dark purple. These colors are all indicators of the state of the blood and various TCM patterns of imbalance.


For those of you unfamiliar with Qigong (pronounced "chee gong"), it is a moving form of meditation and translates as "energy cultivation or practice". There are over 3,000 forms of Qigong dating back thousands of years. It is a mind-body-spirit practice that improves mental, emotional and physical health through the integration of posture, movement, breath work, self-massage, sound and focused intention. Incorporating a daily Qigong practice can improve, sustain and maximize overall well-being.

Prescriptive Medical Qigong exercises are taught based upon Eastern medicine diagnosis and tailored to your health goals. Private and two-person instruction available in 30- or 60-minute sessions.

BEMER Vascular Therapy

BEMER is designed to improve blood circulation thereby supporting the body’s natural self-regulating processes. This is necessary to ensure optimal levels of health and fitness. For more information, please refer to and/or check out research conducted since 1998 at

At Gig Harbor Acupuncture & Holistic Health, we offer one complimentary BEMER session. Come check it out!

Microneedling / Nano Needling

Natural facial rejuvenation without surgery or injections. Microneedling, aka Collagen Induction Therapy, facilitates topical serum absorption by 3,000%. It is defined as the insertion of very fine short needles into the skin creating small vertical channels causing the skin to respond with increased collagen production and new skin cells. Specially crafted lab grade TCM serums, including apple stem cells, are incorporated for best results. For results lasting 3-5 years, microneedling should be done once monthly for 4-6 consecutive months. Maintenance treatments can occur as needed and nano needling can be done weekly to speed up and enhance results. Nano-needling uses the same type of oscillating motion to treat the skin but with a cartridge that encompasses 81 silicone tips.


  • Wrinkles, fine lines
  • Age spots (hyperpigmentation)
  • Under eye bags, puffiness, dark circles
  • Loose, sagging skin
  • Acne reduction, scarring
  • Hair loss, alopecia
  • Stretch marks, body scars


  • Improves skin texture & tone
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Increases cell turnover
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Immediate glow
  • Minimal to no downtime

Red, Yellow and Blue Light Therapies

Light therapies are a stand alone treatment or they can be incorporated into microneedling, infrared or acupuncture sessions. Each light has a different wavelength, indicated for various conditions. Blue light (wavelength 423 nm) is used primarily for acne and bacteria. Yellow light (wavelength 583 nm) is best suited for rosacea, bruising, spider veins and heat or redness. Red light (wavelength 640 nm) is best known for facilitating skin cell regeneration, improving circulation, improving acne and wound healing, decreasing wrinkles and increasing collagen production by up to 200%. Light therapies are good for skin, hair, anti-aging, weight loss, sleep, immunity, arthritis and injury recovery. Most clinical trials have found that it takes about 10 sessions to see results.

Infrared Crystal Mat Therapy

This can be a stand alone treatment or added to any acupuncture, microneedling or light therapy session. There are seven different crystals in the infrared mat that correspond to each of the chakras. Benefits include reduced inflammation, deep tissue regeneration, improved circulation and body detoxification, improved quality of sleep and increased metabolism.

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What people say

“Kirsty was my first introduction to complementary medicine. After breaking my leg, she was instrumental in my speedy recovery with her skill and recommendations for other supportive treatments. She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone you will ever meet.”

M.K. Gig Harbor, WA

“Kirsty was the first (and best) acupuncturist I've experienced. Initially, her practice along with other TCM methods helped heal certain physical ailments. In addition, she was the catalyst for a positive shift in my life as she incorporates nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness into her methodology which helped me attain the most optimal lifestyle.”

L.B. Rapid City, SD

"Kirsty is an incredibly intuitive practitioner / acupuncturist. I not only feel better after her treatments but I always feel like I learn something. I wouldn't go see anyone else. She's amazing!"

L.K. Lacey, WA

“As a former coworker, I have heard countless stories of clients experiencing relief from acupuncture treatment for conditions ranging from chronic pain to anxiety and every diagnosis in between. I can also attest to the knowledge, empathy, integrity and sincerity that Kirsty brings to each and every interaction. There is no one that I would recommend more.”

K.W. Snohomish, WA

“Kirsty is an unprecedented talent in her field. In the 5+ years she has been treating me, I’ve been impressed by and grateful for her blend of deep practical knowledge and heightened intuition. She has treated me for a chronic illness that includes widespread pain, brain fog and fatigue. I usually arrive at my appointment feeling all of these, and leave feeling more alert, energetic and in less pain. I am so thankful for the gifts Kirsty offers. She knows her stuff!”

S.W. Gig Harbor, WA

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