Achieve balance and thrive.

A journey in conscious living.

This has been quite a journey....from entering into the world of Western medicine and then transitioning into Eastern medicine to owning a holistic clinic. On top of professional growth, this has also been a journey in my own personal transformation. I have so much gratitude for the many people that have supported and guided me and the many lessons I have learned along the way. It has always been important to me to "walk the talk" and I continue to figure life out as I go. I have crossed paths with many incredible people who have shaped who I am today, in order to be of greatest service to you.

It is my hope that in working together, you find a safe, trusted and comfortable space in which to heal and thrive in your life.

Blessings, Kirsty

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What people say

“Kirsty was my first introduction to complementary medicine. After breaking my leg, she was instrumental in my speedy recovery with her skill and recommendations for other supportive treatments. She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone you will ever meet.”

M.K. Gig Harbor, WA

“Kirsty was the first (and best) acupuncturist I've experienced. Initially, her practice along with other TCM methods helped heal certain physical ailments. In addition, she was the catalyst for a positive shift in my life as she incorporates nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness into her methodology which helped me attain the most optimal lifestyle.”

L.B. Rapid City, SD

"Kirsty is an incredibly intuitive practitioner / acupuncturist. I not only feel better after her treatments but I always feel like I learn something. I wouldn't go see anyone else. She's amazing!"

L.K. Lacey, WA

“As a former coworker, I have heard countless stories of clients experiencing relief from acupuncture treatment for conditions ranging from chronic pain to anxiety and every diagnosis in between. I can also attest to the knowledge, empathy, integrity and sincerity that Kirsty brings to each and every interaction. There is no one that I would recommend more.”

K.W. Snohomish, WA

“Kirsty is an unprecedented talent in her field. In the 5+ years she has been treating me, I’ve been impressed by and grateful for her blend of deep practical knowledge and heightened intuition. She has treated me for a chronic illness that includes widespread pain, brain fog and fatigue. I usually arrive at my appointment feeling all of these, and leave feeling more alert, energetic and in less pain. I am so thankful for the gifts Kirsty offers. She knows her stuff!”

S.W. Gig Harbor, WA

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